UPDATE: 2012.12.23 – Updated package links for x86 and x64 packages.

UPDATE: 2015.02.19 – As of a few patches ago, TeamSpeak 3 now linked against the correct MySQL binaries.

Well, I due to a recent run of bad luck on my current VPS host, I was forced to go looking for a new server. I found one to which I was referred to by another customer and a friend of mine—the host is known as NFO Servers.

Anyway, when I finally got the server setup enough to be able to start setting up individual servers on it, I got the MySQL Database all setup and configured in my TS3 server config files…I kept getting the following error:

INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | Please make sure you use the supplied ts3server_minimal_runscript.sh to run the server, or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH yourself CRITICAL|DatabaseQuery |   | unable to load database plugin library “libts3db_mysql.so”, halting!

I searched on the Google for answers and found some random and unhelpful posts from TeamSpeak 3’s Official forums – though, they were slightly helpful, but weren’t specific enough to provide a one-stop solution.

The problem as stated in this forum thread is as follows:

TeamSpeak uses libmysqlclient.so.15 but Debian Squeeze serves libmysqlclient.so.16.

“No problem, right? Just do what he says to do in the next line and you’ll be all setup.” — Nope. For those of you who are sort of new to Linux, like myself, you don’t know what “the old Lenny repository” is that he’s talking about. I tried to find the repository from the Google again, but to no avail, I tried the next best thing: Installing the package via wget and dpkg directly, and, Voila! It worked!

Download one of the following packages (based upon your distribution):


wget -O libmysqlclient15off.deb http://archive.debian.org/debian/pool/main/m/mysql-dfsg-5.0/libmysqlclient15off_5.0.51a-24+lenny5_amd64.deb

In the same location of wherever you are currently when you downloaded the package,

mv libmysqlclient15off_5.0.51a-24+lenny5_i386.deb libmysqlclient15off.deb
dpkg --install libmysqlclient15off.deb

And this will install the missing dependency for your new TS3 server.

If my post is unclear in any instructions, drop a comment and I’ll try to explain it better for future people. Thanks for reading!