Day 1 – The Start of an Adventure

The following is a journal entry for the character “Genesis” in a D&D game.

A dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker hired myself and a group of adventurers to escort a cart from Neverwinter to Phandalin. When I went to pick up the cart and begin my journey, Gundren introduced me to the others: Cheryl (half-elf ranger). Mara (half fire elemental, half human warrior), and Rei (human druid). They all appeared to be fairly young, maybe in their twenties. We set off shortly after meeting.

An day or so into the journey we came across a broken cart in the middle of the road. The horses that were hitched to the cart were dead — shot with black arrows by goblins. The passengers were no where in sight, unfortunately. I suspected they either managed to escape and run away or were captured by the goblins — I hope it was the former.

While we were investigating the cart wreck, we were ambushed by two goblin scout archers. The others made short work of them. Rei decided searched the cart for anything of use. Afterwards, Cheryl, Rei, and Mara ran off into the forest following tracks of the goblins. I opted to stay with our cart. I parked the cart near an old tree out of sight of the road.

Some time passed before Cheryl met up with me again. She came to get me and the cart. Together, we continued into a clearing next to a river. Mara and Rei had captured a goblin watchman and was holding it down so it wouldn’t try to escape. The others managed to get information out of it; they lived in a cave nearby – the entrance was where the river came out of the mountain which was guarded by a couple wolves. Rei gave the goblin a hunk of horse meat and told it to run off away from the cave.

As we ventured into the cave, we noticed the pack of wolves that were sleeping nearby. One of them made a slight movement as if it were going to wake up, but Rei or Mara tossed it a piece of jerky to satisfy it. I was sweating at this point because I was surely going to be the wolf’s first meal should it have awakened. But we soon passed the wolves den, but we were spotted. A few seconds later, we heard a rush of water coming towards us. All of us, except Rei of course, ran for cover in a little alcove on the other side of the river. Rei got washed a little bit down river, though I was able to save him in the nick of time using my shaped water by freezing the oncoming water into a wall to allow him to recover and get over to us.

Once Rei was safe and back with us, we noticed a cave wall behind us. Cheryl decided to try to show off and climb it–twice– only to fall half way down. Mara tried next and fell too. Rei then tried as well but chickened out when he touched the wall—I think he’s afraid of heights. As the weakest of the group, I was hesitant to try after seeing them all fail. Fortunately, thanks to my training with Ferrath up in the Ice Mountains and Cheryl’s and Mara’s clumsiness knocking the loose rocks down, I was able to climb the rock face without breaking a sweat. I was about to turn around and gloat to my comrades below, but I noticed an encampment ahead and managed to duck behind cover before anyone saw me. Rei followed quickly afterwards, but wasn’t nearly as quiet and managed to alert the goblins to our presence. Luckily I was still out of sight. Cheryl and Mara quickly climbed up and were greeted by a couple goblins ready to attack. Rei threw up a shield in a Phalanx motion to protect them as they climbed up.

Mara and Cheryl took turns trying to dish out damage. Mara got beat up pretty badly, but fortunately Rei was there to drop a healing ward for her. I tried to help with magic, but didn’t want to risk hitting one of my friends. Instead, I reached for one of my daggers and tried to strike one of the heavier looking goblins, but I must’ve knicked it’s shield because nothing happened. Fortunately, the others were able to take out the immediate threats. Two archers remained. Rei or Mara tried to talk them down, but weren’t having much luck. At best, they lowered their bow slightly. I was able to convince them that we weren’t a threat, to which they laid their bows on the ground.

I noticed a guy over on the side. He was in rough shape from the quick glimpse I caught. Rei tried to treat him, but he was quite injured. We decided to make camp for the night.

While we made camp, Rei talked the two goblins into coming with us to kill Klarg, their boss.