Day 1 Continued

This is a character journal entry for “Genesis.” In the future, I’ll try to keep these together if the days are split up between sessions.

After a few minutes rest to search the cavern, we decide to make our way back to the clearing outside the cave. Rei, Mara, and I decide to slide down the cliff face we had previously climbed. Mara took a bit of a tumble and nearly passed out. As Cheryl was about to climb down with Sildar–the man whom was tied up in the corner of the cavern–a beastly looking man-goblin thing appeared next to Cheryl with two angry looking wolves. Cheryl was rendered unconscious, forcing someone, Rei, to pull on the rope tied around Cheryl’s arm to pull her down with the rest of us. Mara runs out of the cave very fast, fearing for her life.

We heard the beastly man-goblin-thing shout out “Break the dam.” I motioned with my staff an incantation to re-enforce the previous ice wall I had built. It’s about this time that someone comes running up towards us, a woodly looking elf by the name of Farah, looking to assist us. Farah helped Rei carry Cheryl, while I grabbed Sildar by myself. We booked it out of the cave as fast as we could muster. We met up with Mara outside who was already preparing the cart. Farah and Rei hoisted Cheryl into the cart while I helped Sildar into the front of the cart to ride with Mara. Farah sat in back with Cheryl to make sure she doesn’t slide out.

Rei and I stayed behind to make sure no one followed. Though after a while, Rei decided to make a dash for the cart and I followed.

We all met up shortly after and decided to continue on the road quickly. Around sun down, we made camp for the night. Farah took first watch. The rest of us ate some rations and went to sleep. Cheryl laid unconscious for several hours until we were all awakened by the man goblin thing from before and his pack of wolves. Two archers fired arrows at Farah, but missed. I ran up and cast my blinding spell in front of the pack of wolves. Unfortunately, I was just a few feet shy of hitting the man goblin thing. The wolves were blinded though!

The others made pretty quick work of things. The two archers ran off after the big guy fell over dead. Farah managed to pacify one of the wolves and is trying to tame it as a pet. It’s very sickly; it’s previous masters starved it in order to make it more fierce.

We then rested for the night.

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