Day 2 Delivery Complete

This is a character log for Genesis Fletcher, a D&D 5e sorcerer.

The others woke up early and decided to head back to the cave in search of our two goblin ‘friends.’

When we got there, the cave was clear of everyone but the two goblins the others befriended. They took us to the big one’s sleeping chambers. We searched the chambers for anything worth taking. (OOC Someone, Mara I think) found a frog-shaped object made of some green substance.

After we thoroughly searched the cave, we decided to head into Phandalin and complete the job we were hired to complete.

(OOC: A few hours later)

Cheryl remained behind with the two goblins because we didn’t want them getting into trouble.

The rest of us arrived in town and delivered the cart to the shop keeper who was eagerly awaiting the supplies. He paid us and we left to find the local Inn as it was late. Rei went back to get Cheryl and the goblins– as he was leaving, I saw him transform into a black creature that ran on 4 legs, truly astounding.

We grabbed a table at the Inn and got dinner and a drink. A short while later, we notice the door to the Inn open and in the light we could see Cheryl, Rei, and the two goblins. Mara didn’t look pleased and tried to ignore them, until they called out to us. They joined us at our table, and Rei started drinking. A lot…

The Inn Keeper wasn’t pleased seeing the goblins. He approached us and asked us to remove them from the sight of his guests. Rei stepped up and asked for a room for them, and haggled over a price.

Sildar mentioned something about a wizard friend of his had gone missing from the area a few weeks ago– that’s why he was here, to look for him. We suggested we ask around town first thing in the morning.

We get rooms for the night and bunk up 2×2.

End of Day 2

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