Day 3 Redbrands Investigation

This is a character log for Genesis Fletcher, a D&D 5e sorcerer

In the morning, I am awakened hearing Mara yelling for Rei to come down. Rei, being hungover, doesn’t hear her- forcing her to come up stairs to wake him up. I listen in at the doorway to my room. Cheryl was still sound asleep, despite the yelling woman in the next room.

(OOC: A little while later)

Mara and the Inn Keeper head down to the cellar. I follow to see what’s going on. The Inn Keeper shows us the two goblins passed out drunk/hungover and demands us clean up his Inn. We agree and drag the two goblins to the town master.

While there, we ask the town master about a gang that supposedly has been causing problems around town. He seemed like he was too scared to talk about them.

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