Self-install/Self-setup PHP Installation

Recently, I decided to give IIS another try in preparation for learning the WCF Framework. I also decided to try PHP as well with IIS (7.5 in this case).

Unfortunately, I ran into some issues with installation as I tried to install PHP 5.4 along with IIS. The actual installation and use of PHP worked, however, I couldn’t figure out why PHP was looking in “C:WINDOWS” for my php.ini, rather than the actual directory where I (then) extracted PHP to. I noticed later, when I downgraded to 5.3 since it had an installer available, rather than just a .zip download.

If you are setting up PHP with IIS, manually or via installer, you need to log the HTTPd’s account out of Windows and back in again. The issue mentioned above is PHP is looking for “php.ini” in “C:WINDOWS” which is undesirable. The PHP 5.3 installer edits your Windows PATH environment variable to include “C:PHP” (or wherever you installed PHP). Windows doesn’t associate this change until you logout and log back in again.

If you happen to install it manually, edit your path variable to include your PHP directory. See the screenshot for other details that would be useful.

This was done on Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit.

TeamSpeak 3 Server on Debian Squeeze

UPDATE: 2012.12.23 – Updated package links for x86 and x64 packages.

UPDATE: 2015.02.19 – As of a few patches ago, TeamSpeak 3 now linked against the correct MySQL binaries.

Well, I due to a recent run of bad luck on my current VPS host, I was forced to go looking for a new server. I found one to which I was referred to by another customer and a friend of mine—the host is known as NFO Servers.

Anyway, when I finally got the server setup enough to be able to start setting up individual servers on it, I got the MySQL Database all setup and configured in my TS3 server config files…I kept getting the following error:

INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | Please make sure you use the supplied to run the server, or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH yourself CRITICAL|DatabaseQuery |   | unable to load database plugin library “”, halting!

I searched on the Google for answers and found some random and unhelpful posts from TeamSpeak 3’s Official forums – though, they were slightly helpful, but weren’t specific enough to provide a one-stop solution.

The problem as stated in this forum thread is as follows:

TeamSpeak uses but Debian Squeeze serves

“No problem, right? Just do what he says to do in the next line and you’ll be all setup.” — Nope. For those of you who are sort of new to Linux, like myself, you don’t know what “the old Lenny repository” is that he’s talking about. I tried to find the repository from the Google again, but to no avail, I tried the next best thing: Installing the package via wget and dpkg directly, and, Voila! It worked!

Download one of the following packages (based upon your distribution):


wget -O libmysqlclient15off.deb

In the same location of wherever you are currently when you downloaded the package,

mv libmysqlclient15off_5.0.51a-24+lenny5_i386.deb libmysqlclient15off.deb
dpkg --install libmysqlclient15off.deb

And this will install the missing dependency for your new TS3 server.

If my post is unclear in any instructions, drop a comment and I’ll try to explain it better for future people. Thanks for reading!