Genesis Fletcher

Character Info.


Genesis was the son of an Elven mother and Human father. His father was of Noble blood within the Court of H’mond, a small kingdom near the North Mountains along the coast. His father was passing through a village where his mother lived and he was enamored with the daughter of the town master. Though it was forbidden for a noble to be with a commoner, he was so enamored with her that she became with child—Genesis.

Training with Ferrath

Ferrath had trained many people in the ways of magic. And many more had urged him to train themselves, but he turned them away. He only trained good people in how to use and harness natural magical ability. “To use magic to help others, you have to be good yourself. To be evil and have magic is to {something}” he would tell me.

Outwardly, Ferrath appeared to be a simple, elderly human in his late stages of life. Midway into my training, he revealed his true nature to me; he was a Silver dragon of the North Mountains. He stopped taking on dragon form when humans began to fear dragons enough to take up arms against them. He sought refuge with the Elves of a village near the North Mountains as an elderly man facing persecution for his beliefs. The village knew him only as a man, but, in private, he confessed to the town master who he truly was. It is from here my mother, the daughter of the town master of that village, sought out Ferrath to train me in the ways of magic.

I was only a kid at the time, but my mother knew something was going on with me. Strange things had occurred, things only magic could explain. I had no control over it and she feared it’d get me into trouble one day.

Ferrath agreed to train me as a gesture of gratitude for letting him stay. His training was lost on me for a while, as I was just a youngen and wanted to have fun.


Adventuring Life

To be determined


    Current Quest(s)

    • Locate and Rescue Gundren Rockseeker in the mountains to the North(ish)
    • Investigate Redbrands gang in Phandalin near the old Manor.

    Previous Quest(s)

    • Deliver cart of goods from Neverwinter to Phandalin for Gundren Rockseeker.