Atlantis Framework

  • Latest version: 4.1-stable, 4.2-alpha
  • License: Open-source (undecided, reserved)
  • Source: GitHub (written in C#)
  • Description: Atlantis is a (small) framework of reusable code written by myself. It contains a 5th-iteration IRC library (soon to be 6th), many convenience extension methods, and a rudimentary logging API. The experimental branch (4.2-alpha) contains a game server log API for reading and parsing game logs of any game in which you can write an implementation. In the future, the IRC library will be far more extensible than it is currently.


  • Latest version: 1.0-stable
  • License: Open-source (undecided, reserved)
  • Source: GitHub (written in C#)
  • Description: RxCmd is a small utility designed to look like a Windows Command Prompt but also interface with game servers running C&C Renegade X (A freely available FPS built on the UDK). It utilizes Microsoft’s Managed Extensibilty Framework (MEF) to load protocol versions of the provided RCON interface. In the future, I would love to rewrite this as a series of PowerShell CMDlets to manage a Renegade-X game server.


  • Latest version: 1.0-RC (stable), 2.x-alpha (rewrite)
  • License: Open-source, MIT
  • Source: GitHub (written in C#)
  • Description: Lantea is not currently in active development; however, it was a modular IRC bot written in C# using the Atlantis Framework. It utilized Microsoft’s MEF to load plugins that add commands and features to the core bot.

Systems/Linux Administration

C&C IRC Network

  • Description: C&C IRC is a long-standing, small community IRC network for the Command and Conquer franchise (notably C&C Renegade due to server bots using IRC for log replay). It started out a non-homogeneous network of servers sharing a single set of services; however, more recently we’ve unified the network under a new name: C&C IRC.
  • Technology: MySQL/MariaDB with Galera Cluster, PowerDNS in NA/EU locations), Linux/Debian, LEMP/LAMP (Nginx, Apache)
    • We use Nginx + Dropbox to serve master configs to each of our leafs. Nginx serves a single Dropbox folder.
    • DNS was setup with redundancy in mind, and can be expanded quite easily. The only difficulty is in adding records because they must be input manually (no GUI). Our name servers are located on USA/West Coast, USA/East Coast, and Europe/West (in the Low Countries).

MultiPlayerForums.com (MPF)

  • Description: At MPF, I started out as a programmer doing C++ server-side modding for C&C Renegade. I quickly started taking over website maintenance due to my knowledge and experience with Invision Power Board. I saw looked after the site during a big transition from IPB 3.4 to IPS 4.x. During this transition, I learned patience when it comes to “new things” in production environments.
  • Technology: Windows Server 2012 R2, Debian 7/8, CentOS 6/7 with WHM/cPanel, LEMP/LAMP (Nginx, Apache)
    • We use WS2012 R2 on all of our game servers that need a Windows operating system. Games include: C&C Renegade (2002), Renegade-X (2009, 2014).
    • We use Linux (Debian, CentOS) for other services at MPF. Linux powers our servers that host our asset repositories (SVN) and a LAMP stack (WHM/cPanel) for our website. Sometimes, if resources permit, we run Linux-compatible game servers.