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Hello, I am Zack

Zack Loveless

Computer Lab Aide at Arizona Western College

I am a Software Developer with 2-3 years of working experience. I coded websites for startups, and I built tools and libraries for my personal home networking and computer lab. I am updating this website still while migrating from WordPress. Please be mindful!

Learning Capacity


Work Experience

Computer Lab Aide
Arizona Western College

August 2008 - Present, Yuma, Arizona

Arizona Western College is the local-area community college for Yuma County in Arizona.

  • Provided direct IT support to lab visitors needing help with applications and printing.
  • Working at the college part-time while taking classes for professional and personal growth.

Volunteer Systems Engineer
Totem Arts

June 2020 - Present, Internet (Virtual)

Totem Arts is a coalition of game developers and IT enthusiasts devoted to developing a spiritual successor for C&C Renegade, including running the infrastructure for such a game.


Web Developer
S2 Systems (Contract)

March 2019 - November 2019, Kirkland, WA (Remote)

S2 Systems was a startup building a seamless browser isolation technology. They were acquired by CloudFlare, Inc. in January 2020.

  • Worked closely with designer to build a new corporate branding page.
  • Overhauled CSS development process to use reusable SCSS snippets.
  • Deployed serverless C#/.NET Core logging application to AWS Lambda.
  • Maintained a multitenant website project in ASP.NET Core with senior developer.


Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Administration
Taken Courses
  • Mediation and Conflict
  • Organizational Theory
  • Public Budgeting
  • Leadership Concepts
  • Gender and Communication
  • Psychology of Terrorism
  • Intelligence-led Policing
  • Public Sector Communication
Personal enrichment & AA in Political Science
Taken Courses
  • Calculus I/II
  • Elementary German I/II
  • American Politics
  • World Politics
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics


Ansible Collection: Common
Ansible Collection: Common
Creator November 2021-Current

A collection of Ansible roles for setting up Linux servers.

Ansible Collection: Containers
Ansible Collection: Containers
Creator March 2018 - Present

A collection of Ansible roles for deploying containers using docker and docker-compose.

Atlantis Framework and IRC Library
Creator 2013-2020

An RFC-compliant IRC library designed 100% by myself as a means of learning threading, sockets, and thread safety. The core functionality revolves around the Client side of the specification.

C&C Renegade Scripting
C&C Renegade Scripting
Contributor 2005-2014

I made server-side mods for the video game C&C Renegade by Westwood Studios, using a community maintained scripts.dll. Renegade was my first exposure to C++ and served as an entrypoint for other programming hobbies.

S2 Corporate Websites
Constributor 2019

The S2 websites served a dual role, primarily as a means of communicating project intentions to potential investors. The second half of the website was an administration portal for investors to see what controls the product would have on it.


Eagle Scout

Starting as a Webelo (cub) scout, I worked my way through the ranks offered by the Boy Scouts. The final project involved designing and building an outdoor learning center for the Arizona Fish and Game department in Yuma, Arizona. I solicited funding from local organizations and organized my local scout troop and volunteers to help build the learning center.