Science Fiction – Exploring who WE are

Perhaps my favorite quote of all time (so far) comes from a scene in Star Trek: Enterprise when Ambassador Soval and Admiral Forrest are entering the Earth embassy on Vulcan. They are discussing the perception of Humans by Vulcans.

Soval: “We don’t know what to do about Humans. Of all the species we’ve made contact with, your’s the only one we can’t define. You have the arrogance of Andorians, the stubborn pride of Tellarites; one moment, you’re as driven by your emotions as Klingons, and the next you confound us by suddenly embrassing logic.”
Forrest: “I’m sure those qualities are found in every species.”
Soval: “Not in so confusing abundance.”
Forrest: “Ambassador, are Vulcans afraid of Humans?”
Soval: *nods*
Forrest: “Why?”
Soval: “Because there is one species you do remind us of.”
Forrest: “Vulcans.”
Soval: “We had our wars, Admiral, just as Humans did. Our planet was devastated, our civilization nearly destroyed. Logic saved us. But it took us almost 1500 years to rebuild our world and travel to the stars; you Humans did the same in less than a century.
There are those on the High Command who wonder what Humans will achieve in the century to come and they don’t like the answer.”
Forrest: “We’re not the Klingons. We only want to be your partners, to do what the nations of Earth have learned to do: To work together in common cause.”
Soval: “Unfortunately, the future of relations between our two worlds is not mine to control.”

It really opened my eyes to what Star Trek represents, as well other science fiction shows such as the Stargate series. These science fiction entertainment shows help us to understand ourselves by putting us in front of a mirror to analyze our own behavior. I think this quote explains that perfectly and I hope your outlook on these shows changes as it has mine.